Foot and Ankle Digital X-Ray Q & A

Digital X-Ray Services Questions and Answers

Finesse Foot Care offers Digital X-Ray services that interprets, and gives the diagnosis of the issues related to your feet. This service can be used to get to the core issue of your foot problems, so that the treatment is planned accordingly. For more details, please call us or schedule an appointment online with us. We serve patients from Lyndhurst OH, Chargin Falls OH, Beachwood OH, Collinwood OH, Pepper Pike OH, Woodmere OH, Hunting Valley OH and surrounding areas.

Digital X-Ray Services in Lyndhurst, OH
Digital X-Ray Services in Lyndhurst, OH

What is a digital X-Ray?

Digital x-rays are able to catch hairline fractures earlier than older technology, allowing us to prevent further problems or worse injuries. With our in-house digital x-ray, patients can receive their x-ray results within the same office visit, eliminating the need to go to an imaging center. Our x-ray system makes use of direct radiography (DR) technology. It only takes 3 seconds to process! This reduces the amount of time needed for a patient to have a set of x-rays taken.

Is a digital X-Ray safe?

While traditional X-rays are considered safe, digital X-rays produce 80% less radiation than traditional. This means it is very unlikely an individual would develop issues from sporadic traditional radiation exposure; however, it is even less likely with the process used in digital X-rays.

What is the difference between a digital X-Ray and a normal X-Ray?

Traditional (or “normal”) x-rays take images on film and once they are exposed the image cannot be modified. Digital x-rays have two distinct advantages:

1. They use much lower radiation; this means you are exposed to less radiation
2. They can be accessed using software on computers

Are digital X-Rays faster than film X-Rays?

Digital x-rays can be viewed almost instantaneously, whereas film-based x-rays need 5-10 minutes for photo development. Digital x-rays also expose individuals to less radiation. However, this depends on the x-ray system that is being used, most digital x-ray systems reduce radiation exposure by up to 90%

Do I need an X-Ray on my foot?

If you notice any sort of deformity of the ankle or foot; this could include a major difference between the bony configuration of one ankle or foot paralleled to the other, x-rays should be taken straightaway!

How do I know if I need an X-Ray?

An individual may receive an x-ray if your provider anticipates that you may have a Fracture or another type of Bone deformity.

However, there are a other indicators that possibly mean that you may need an x-ray:

1. Inability to walk four steps (twisted ankle)
2. Joint immobility.
3. Pain directly around the bone area.
4. Swelling that doesn’t reduce with treatment.

When should you go to the doctor for a foot injury?

You ought to make a doctor’s appointment after a foot injury if:

1. you feel pain or significant discomfort in your foot for the majority of the day and it’s been a few weeks since your injury.
2. you have swelling that isn’t getting better two to five days after your injury.
3. you feel tingling, numbness, or burning pain—especially in the bottom of your foot.