Custom Orthotics Q & A

Custom Orthotics Questions and Answers

Do you feel foot pain when you walk, or have other similar foot issues? Our podiatrists at Finesse Foot Care provide all the help that you need to find yourself the right pair of custom orthotics. For more details, please call us or schedule an appointment online with us. We serve patients from Lyndhurst OH, Chargin Falls OH, Beachwood OH, Collinwood OH, Pepper Pike OH, Woodmere OH, Hunting Valley OH and surrounding areas.

Custom Orthotics Questions and Answers
Custom Orthotics Questions and Answers

There are lots of different ways you could benefit from orthotics. If you’ve been experiencing foot pain or if you have flat feet, then you’ll almost certainly benefit, and your whole body could benefit, in fact! Read on to learn more about custom orthotics in Lyndhurst, OH. Or if you’re already confident orthotics will work for you, then reach out to us today at Finesse Foot Care!

What are custom orthotics?

Custom orthotics are shoe or heel inserts that are prescribed and custom-made for individual patients. They’re much more sophisticated and specialized than those shoe inserts you can buy at the store which don’t really do much for a patient. Custom orthotics are commonly used to treat foot, leg, ankle, or back problems, but there are so many more applications than just those! Custom orthotics can improve a patient’s gait, posture, and much more. There are lots of reasons to consider orthotics, but you may actually need them if you’re experiencing an issue like a foot deformity.

Why would I need custom orthotics?

You may be experiencing an issue like ongoing foot pain which can be quite painful and even debilitating. Orthotics may help with this a great deal. Because custom orthotics fit the foot perfectly and are made to address a particular foot issue, they can be quite comfortable for a patient, relieve pain, and help the patient function normally and optimally. You may need or benefit from custom orthotics if you have:

  • A structural issue with your feet, such as a deformity or a heel spur
  • Diabetes, which makes you more likely to get corns and calluses
  • An injury and need to reduce your risk of further injury
  • A job that requires you to stand or work on your feet for extended periods of time
  • Regular foot pain
  • Flat feet/fallen arches, or even arches that are too high
  • Overpronation
  • Arthritic feet or ankles
  • Plantar fasciitis
  • Back pain

It’s possible that you have a different foot- or ankle-related issue and may need custom orthotics. You may already have a prescription for them, or maybe you don’t and you just want to see if they could work for you. Regardless, you can come see our professional podiatrist here at Finesse Foot Care. Dr. Danielle L. Shaper DPM is this podiatrist, and she’s more than capable of helping you.

How can custom orthotics help me?

Generally, custom orthotics are used to correct feet that aren’t ideally positioned, or to help relieve the pain and other symptoms associated with a particular foot- or ankle-related issue. For example, for a structural issue with your feet, orthotics can help to rebalance and optimize the distribution of weight on your feet. And for diabetes, in this instance orthotics can work to reduce pressure placed on the areas affected by corns and calluses. Custom orthotics can serve different purposes or even multiple purposes for patients. They can also be a part of a comprehensive treatment plan for patients with foot and/or ankle problems.

For many patients, there are some other major benefits to wearing custom orthotics, like improvements to the patients’ gait, posture, balance, mobility, and more. If you believe as we do that you could benefit from orthotics, then we’d like to hear from you at Finesse Foot Care!

Do you offer custom orthotics in Lyndhurst, OH?

Yes, we do! Finesse Foot Care is located at 5035 Mayfield Rd Lyndhurst, OH 44124, and we offer custom orthotics here. To learn more about them and their benefits, or to book a consultation with our podiatrist, Dr. Shaper DPM, give us a call at (216) 382-8070. We’d be happy to speak with you about any matter, so don’t hesitate to call us today. We look forward to your call!